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Timed Photoshoot

  • 30 Min. -$50

  • 1 Hr.    -$100

  • 1.5 Hrs.-$150

  • 2 Hrs.   -$200

Number of Edited Photos

  • 15 Photos -$75

  • 25 Photos -$125

  • 35 Photos -$175

  • 50 Photos -$250

Scene Photorgraphy

This package is reserved for "active" scene photos, as well any "results/marks" from the play you and your partner(s) engage in together.

This can include impact, bondage, wax, sexual intercourse, blood/medical play, and much much more. Due to the customized nature of these photographs, pricing will be based on a person to person basis and will be discussed via a free email consultation. 

Product Photography

This is for companies who create products used during BDSM, Kink or sexual play. We will discuss payments based on need, frequency of photos, and other such factors. I am willing to work with people/companies to help get high quality photos for their site at a reasonable price.

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